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We provide you today's best en most popular RC gas and nitro powered vehicles. In our reviews we discuss the best brands and models currently available on the market. The prices shown in the reviews are always up te date, so we can give you the best sale offers.

The Advantages of Nitro and gas Powered Radio Controlled Cars

So why do you want to buy a nitro RC car instead of an electric powered car? Electric cars are cheap but they don't do the job if you want to get some really good fun. Yes they are cheap and you can use them indoors. But te be honest, they are for kids. Nitro and gas cars are far more powerful and reach up to 70+ MPH. They make more noise. But hey! You are driving outdoors so who cares anyway?
Plus they can drive all day long. Electric cars run on batteries, but you need to charge them a lot. And you don't want that if you're out there having fun with your friends.

Nitro and gas powered radio controlled cars are the fastest and most popular types of radio car. They come in two types, off-road and on-road vehicles. The off-road cars are able to deal with rough and bumpy terrain much like their real counterparts. They are able to perform high-speed jumps and land back on their wheels. They have power, speed, durability and performance to rival other types of radio controlled vehicle. The on-road nitro powered cars are designed to be raced on a flat surface, such as a road or racetrack for radio controlled cars.


Nitro and gas powered radio controlled cars are fuelled with a mixture of nitro methane and synthetic or castor oil. Because of this they have increased acceleration, speed and handling. They also have a longer run time than electric powered cars. It is also quicker to make a pit stop for more fuel with nitro powered cars, and they will keep driving with just a moment's interruption. However, the on-board battery that powers the radio transmitter will eventually need to be recharged. Nitro powered cars are usually faster than the electric powered cars, and racers really enjoy the authentic engine sound and exhaust smoke they produce.

Assembly kit or ready-to-run?

Once a nitro-powered radio controlled car is chosen, racers can then decide whether they want a kit that is ready to go, or a kit that requires putting together. A ready to go nitro kit is already assembled and has everything it needs in order to be able to race right away. Build it yourself kits usually contain all the parts required for the car to run. However, some build it yourself kits require additional parts, such as a radio transmitter, nitro-powered engine and other parts.

Beginners are generally better off purchasing a ready to run kit as they will not have to worry about assembling the car. However, more advanced radio controlled car enthusiasts tend to prefer to assemble the car themselves as they will have better control over the cars performance and can create a car that suits the way they race. Self assembly is also a lot of fun and provides an extra level of creativity.

the very popular HPI Savage
the very popular HPI Savage

Gas or Nitro?

Running a nitro or gas powered radio controlled car requires a radio transmitter, receiver, nitro-powered engine, two servos and a engine starter. The correct type of nitro fuel is also required so the car will run properly.

There are plenty of nitro-powered starter kits on the market and virtually all of the radio controlled car hobby stores will have the perfect kit for beginners. They will also be able to provide valuable advice for starting racers that want to run on nitro.

Nowadays most popular models are nitro based. They are cheaper than gas models. And require less maintenance. Mostly they are smaller and easier to handle. So for beginners we recommend nitro based vehicles.
Gas cars require more maintenance because they have larger engines. The cars itself are also often bigger. But they tend to have more power, but that depends heavily on the model you have.


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